Daybook: mid-June

Out my window: my poppies are blooming.  (Poppies!!!) But the flowers in our front yards are completely asymmetric– lots on one side, very few on the other. I guess I’ll have to plant some more!

In the kitchen: a quiche for the children’s lunch.  With swim team taking up much of our morning, I’m having trouble with lunch.  We had a delicious beef and broccoli stir-fry last night, but there wasn’t a drop left over.  I’m going to have to make double if I want leftovers…

In the school room: we are beginning our summer routine now: alternating days of math and foreign language, with piano every day.  It’s half an hour of work for the kids, but I find it makes our re-entry in the fall so much easier.


I have lots of plans for how I want to tweak our rooms to make them better for school: another desk in the study, a sewing space (I’ve been saying that one since we moved in!), but I don’t think any of that will happen this week.

Wondering: how not to have my face show up hugely on facebook when my posts link there.  Is it just that my post needs to have its own photo?  If anyone knows, please let me know.  I popped in there yesterday and almost fell off my chair with embarrassment. Anyway, if you wonder next week why  all my posts have flower photos in them, you’ll know why.

On my reading pile: Bonhoeffer (Metaxes), The Light Heart (Thane), Wild Goose Chase (Batterson).  I’m also reading lots of manuscripts for a writing contest.

I’m hoping to dig into Facing History’s resources on the Armenian Genocide as a preview for part of next year’s high school history with Jonah.  I’ll let you know what I think.

On my mind: “Supernatural sadness and righteous indignation often reveal our God-ordained passions.”  (Mark Batterson, Wild Goose Chase)

Grateful for:  rock painting on our front steps, finally placing our order of neonatal resuscitators to send to the folks training the lay birth attendants in Thailand, tea in Chicago with Jen and Tonya, a day with Christine.

Praying for: those who put their lives at risk to bring justice and peace, Clare’s surgery, Mandy, Judy, the Neals’ packing and travel, Dawn.


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