Daybook: Late May

Out my window: hail damage. Remember how pretty the flowers were last week? Not so much now.
On the up side, I still have windows and a roof.



In the kitchen: my friend Tonya just made me an incredible omelet with mushrooms, onions, spinach, and sharp cheddar. I highly recommend inviting Friends Who Cook to stay with you so you, too, can be cooked for like a princess.

In other kitchen news, the vegetarians are morphing.  Owen decided he would be a person who eats only humanely-treated meat (PWEOHTM). (Lucky for him, we will be getting an entire hog in the fall that will have been raised by our farmers and butchered by someone we trust.)  Moriah decided she would be vegetarian except for kielbasa (VEFK).
In the school room: When I knew our friends were coming, I tallied up our days and we had finished (with the exception of Jonah’s biology class, which has one more chapter to cover). So last week was a feast of hikes, art, and game times while we waited out tornado warnings in our basement. I have to say, sitting through two hours of tornado warnings in a finished basement isn’t as difficult as sitting through them in an unfinished basement.




Grateful:  for Tonya’s visit, Jerusha’s PhD, Sam’s short commute that frees up time for bike rides and swimming and early dinners. For after-dinner walks and popsicles and swim team.
Praying for:  Lisa in her upcoming transition, the community of Isla Vista, Judy, Mandy, the Neals.  I am pondering and praying for my children’s hearts.  Syria.  Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “Daybook: Late May

  1. Hail here, too…during the graduation bbq, no less. Nigerian bishop visited our church last week. Much to pray about in so many places.


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