{phfr}: mid-May

{Pretty}: these are my itty, bitty baby lilac bushes. I have great hopes for them, and they are doing their best even in their babyhood this year.


{Happy}: look who I got to play with!  She spent the night with us on Mother’s Day while her parents both worked overnight at the hospital. She was happy the whole time except when Sam picked her up from the spot there (to which she’d worked so hard to roll) and brought her back to me on the carpet. I was thrilled to be with her (and happy to sleep through the night Monday after she left.)

{Funny}: I seriously hope these are the last snow photos I post for this season.  SweetP is making this house’s first snow angels.

{Real} This girl is so determined. She’s not quite tall (or strong) enough to make the lawn mowing quick work, and she was pretty angry when Sam fixed the stripes she missed, but she gave it a valiant effort.
For more {p,h,f,r}, go check out Like Mother, Like Daughter!


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