{phfr}: Easter Week


This was the sky on Easter night.  As if God had taken a cosmic paintbrush to the heavens.




My laundry line is back!  Seriously, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hang my laundry outside.  In our old neighborhood, the neighbors identified me as “she lives in the house with the clothesline.”  Here, it’s really not in anyone’s view but ours.  And yours, now, since I just tortured you with it.  Now I am “that weirdo who blogs about her clothesline.”


While the curves look like a tocometer measuring a labor pattern, it’s really just our day-by-day readout of our solar power.  The panels came with the house, but the monitoring system was just installed.  Accessible from my phone, this is totally addictive.  How much electricity are we using (red)? How much are we receiving from the sun (green)?  Even Sam is impressed and mentioned that seeing the power usage is going to make his case for using A/C this summer more difficult.


The sandbox is fully functional.  I know this because the girls go out there as soon as it’s warm enough in the morning (good) and my entire house– but especially the kitchen and bathroom– are covered in a fine layer of sand (bad.)


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2 thoughts on “{phfr}: Easter Week

  1. What a gorgeous sky!

    I don’t have a clothesline at our new place yet. Once the snow finishes melting it is high on the priority list! 🙂

  2. I, for one, have a love-hate relationship with the sandbox. Love that they love it. Hate that they come in the house covered in it. Which leads to the same problem you have! 🙂 I wish I had solar panels–and that need graph thing! ha!

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