Daybook: Easter Week

Outside my window: green.  We’ve had bits of rain here and there this week, but mostly it’s been sunny enough to need a hat and sunglasses.  And sunblock. Must start wearing sunblock again (or as Owen calls it, Sunscream.)

In the school room: This is out last week before our standardized testing.  We are trying to cram in a last little bit of (vocabulary) and map work. Jonah will be dissecting a perch this week.  Phoebe is reading a Dick and Jane “chapter book”- she’s very excited about it.  Each chapter has the same 10 words repeated in various orders. See Dick.  See Spot. See Sally pull. Oh, oh, oh!

In the kitchen: I finished my portion of our frozen meal-swap meals.  Now we have to eat something else this week because I can’t face any of those meals again any time soon.  Hardboiled eggs, anyone?


 Around the house: while Owen, Moriah and I worked at the church office on Saturday, Sam, Jonah and Phoebe cleaned at home.  I love clean floors!  We put up a few signs of the season. The kids love pulling our ALLELUIA out of the bag where it’s been “buried” for Lent.


What I’m reading: Georgette Heyer’s Nonesuch; Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption;  Shakespeare’s Henry V (Jonah’s choice); and Dorothy Sayer’s Strong Poison (my choice).

On my mind: “Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” ― Frederick Buechner

Grateful: For the Resurrection.  For all the family walks we’ve been taking. For blooming trees. For our church’s Triduum services.  For Jerusha’s successful PhD defense and Ben’s successful surgery.


Praying for: Discernment.  Mandy.  The energy to keep walking.  Renee & family.  The Simons. Clare.  Betsy and all Carole’s family. My dad’s surgery today. Judy. Rest for all the pastors and servants of the church who are exhausted.

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