Daybook: April

Out my window: SUN!!  Also, enormous quantities of mulch.

In the kitchen: I’m participating in a four-family frozen meal swap soon, so there’s ground beef thawing.  I’m trying to imagine four batches of chili simultaneously, but it’s such a production it may have to be two double-batch jobs. Followed by two double-batch pot pies and enchiladas… It will be worth it in the end, I’m sure.



The animals came to the science fair. They didn’t ask a lot of questions.


In the school room: this is science fair week, so we’ve been making our posters and practicing “defending” them.  Thank goodness we did– we found a huge error in Moriah’s results table, which happily was fixed before the fair.  Also, Jonah had to dissect a crayfish.  Moriah was fascinated, so she sat there next to him asking questions.  I was set to call her back to “her” work when I realized (just in time) how much they were both getting out of the experience.


Who cares if her grammar assignment is delayed by a day?

Around the house: Our house blessing was such a… well, a blessing.  Our friends’ prayers and presence gave me great  joy.  An added bonus: we cleaned before it, so I’ve been enjoying that, too.



On my mind: I just read How She Does It by Anne Bogel.  It’s part inspiration, part how-to for thinking creatively about how to give the most to both family and work.  There’s been a pattern in my reading lately–fiction, alternated with how-to-fit-it-all-in books.  Fiction, for when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  How-to when I’m ready to tackle the too-much.


Dance break! Photo by SweetP


Grateful: for Saturday’s house blessing and all the lovely people who blessed us there.  For flowers in the house, even if especially since there aren’t any outside in my garden year.  Dance breaks.  Afternoon soccer and volleyball.  Sunday’s long run.


What the children do during read-aloud time

Praying for: Mandy.  Jeremy & Amy.  Sam’s back. Clare. Deb.  Our youth group’s 30-hour famine (coming up soon!).  To see my work- all the different parts of it- life less like puzzle pieces and more as a ministry of presence.



2 thoughts on “Daybook: April

  1. I pray to see my LIFE…less like puzzle pieces and more as a ministry of presence. Right now just living is my work. I struggle with so many puzzle pieces that sometimes my ministry of presence gets neglected. Thank you for the gentle reminder! Love and Light to you!

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