Family Night Jar


Now that Sam isn’t driving for two-plus hours a day, we have our evenings back.  Plus, we have space to play.  So we’ve reinstituted our family nights.  The problem: we’re out of the habit.

You know what habits do: they make hard things easy.  Heck, they make almost anything easy.  Even flossing.  But we needed a jumpstart.

Every time we had an evening free, we’d all look around the table at one another and say, “Oh, let’s just watch a movie.”  Even my movie-loving husband admitted we needed some new ideas.

I had everyone write 3 activities on 3 slips of paper, and we threw them in our jar. (For you math folks out there, that’s 18 options.)

Now whenever it’s Family Night, we take turns drawing a slip of paper from the jar and do whatever it says.  Together.

Thus far, we have:

  • had movie night (it was Ramona & Beezus)
  • played the Name Game with an animal theme
  • played Qwirkle
  • gone out for ice cream
  • gone swimming

I was all for everyone writing 6 papers, but Sam was smart and suggested that we do only 3 each, so that once the weather changes and our moods change with it, we could put a bunch of new outdoorsy things in the jar.  I’m already planning a family soccer game and capture the flag.

What should we add to our jar?



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