Daybook: Early March

Out my window: the weather is changing. Again. We had 63 degrees and sunshine yesterday. Today? Gray and cold.  I miss all the tulips at our old house. Next year…


In the kitchen:  Leftovers.  Last week I laid them all out in a row for lunch, and more than one child was heard to say, “But we have nothing to eat!”  Above you see chili with beef, broccoli-bacon salad, potato-dill soup, beans-and-rice, plain pasta, meatloaf, and chicken enchiladas. Rotten children.

I’m cooking a few meals ahead for some ski days we’re planning. White chicken chili. The whole house smells of garlic. (Some of us appreciate that more than others.)

On my mind:  my inefficiency.  Rather than sit around and lament what I’m not getting done, I decided to do something about it. So I’ve been reading Manage your Day to Day and What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.  Wow, I’ve slipped into some unhealthy habits! Hopefully some small changes will lead to some big gains.

In the school room: science experiments.  Jonah isn’t doing an experiment. Rather, he’s researching how virus modification has led to scientific breakthroughs (his choice) and will write a paper for us on it.

We’re looking ahead at a four-year high school curriculum and how to make that happen for Jonah. We started backwards, by looking at 10 of the schools he has been exposed to (several in-state universities, our alma maters, schools near friends and relatives) and their admission requirements. Now we are looking realistically at what we can do ourselves, versus what is offered around us… this week we plan to sit down with him and make some decisions together.  Please pray for us.

In the house: we’ve put up some art and put most things away… what’s left are the hard projects on my plate. Altering curtains. Storing fabric and making a sewing station that the kids can use somewhat independently (because if I have to help them, there will be no sewing going on. Realism.)


Last week the builder came at my request to fix the stairs, and it turned into an all-day, jack-hammer loud project that had me in tears at one point. But they are now square, and I can walk up and down them without tripping.


Grateful for: our signs-of-spring walk on Monday.  A healthy baby boy whose birth I attended at the hospital last night. Friends. The aforementioned stair repair.  Gill’s pop-in. Our church’s support of Helping Babies Breathe (more on this later).


Praying for: Dawn. Mandy. Deb. Jerusha & family. Our friends in the Philippines. The community of our sponsored child in Zimbabwe.  World Vision’s 30-hour famine.


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