End of February Daybook


Out my window: our yard is still a tiny square of straw-covered dirt.  SweetP told me she misses our old yard. We make it to the park, but not four times a day. I will be happy when the ground thaws and we can put in our postage-stamp of grass and garden. And a sandbox.


(I promise I’ll take the birthday banner down.  Very soon.)

In the kitchen: today’s plan is to make Greek yogurt and granola.  And something [insert your plan here] for dinner.

In the school room: it’s time for a bit of an overhaul.  But that requires so much energy, and I’m tired.

Right now we’re still reading about the 19th century with The World of Abraham Lincoln.  One good thing that changed a few months ago was a change in how I assign school reading.  My kids would read MG and YA novels till the cows come home, but I want them to have the skill and attention for non-fiction, too.  So each week they have to read 2 biographies, 1 non-fiction book (usually they choose a science topic, but it’s their choice to pick it) and a “free” book they haven’t read in the past.

There are many good biographies for kids, at all different levels, and these tend to be the easiest “living books” to find.  The story of the life of a person who had/has passion for a particular subject lends itself well to teaching both about the subject and the person. And I want my kids to be inspired by great people.

On the choice book side, Jonah’s been reading Robert Jordan’s books, Owen has picked some Suzanne Collins, and Moriah likes the Clementine books by Sara Pennypacker.  Phoebe and I are following a diet of Mo Willems, Rosemary Wells, and Mary Ann Hoberman.


On my mind: my patients are taking up a lot of my mental energy right now.  I have a few puzzles who just aren’t getting what they need, so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about them.

We’re in the countdown to our youth group’s 30-hour famine, and I’m making plans.

Also, I am working to build our community here in our new neighborhood.  I reached out to a few “old” friends to say “we’re back, let’s get together!” and got a very different response than I expected.  (Expected: “Great! Let’s have tea.” Received: “That must be nice for you.”)  Which is okay. Not everybody likes to keep in touch.  People move on from relationships.  So I’m trying not to focus on that but still be brave and make new friends.  But it takes energy.


Grateful: that the Olympics are over.  I tend to watch the Olympics every night during prime time, leaving me exhausted from staying up too late and not doing all the good things that keep me healthy [like exercising and going to bed early.]  I like to watch the Paralympics online, but I have 2 more weeks to recover before they start. And I watch for 3 hours a day.


For days that, despite snow, are warm enough to get out in the afternoon.


For SweetP’s beginning to read.

Hilarious sister-text-threads from Sam’s sisters. And that I get to be in on them.

For Jonah’s newfound motivation (more on this at a later date).

For a house that already feels like home- and the friends who have come to make it feel that way.

That a friend’s surgery went well this week.

Praying for: Lori. Mandy. Clare. Janet. Jerusha & fam.  Syria. The Philippines.  A few patients who have asked for prayer (and for a few who haven’t). Discipline. Energy. Faith.

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