needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

Most of my sewing lately has been limited to the Animal Hospital. Our stuffed animals have an inordinate number of injuries.

But when a little girl asked for some curtains for the Gingerbread Doll House, I was in.

How could I say no to that?


Now that I see the curtains against the wallpaper, I’m thinking white would have been a better choice. But that’s easy enough to fix.

On the reading front, I raided my dad’s shelves for a mystery.  Donald E. Westlake was a consummate mystery writer and wrote under the name Richard Stark.  (Stark’s books are serious mysteries, well plotted and beautifully written).  Westlake also wrote a fantastic series of humorous mysteries, the Dortmunder Novels, under his own name. Of course, I love the Dortmunder books.
I read Jimmy the Kid first, in which Dortmunder (a criminal who fails often, though it’s never his fault) and his crew copy a sure-thing heist lifted from a Richard Stark novel. Loved it. This week I finished Don’t Ask, another heist novel involving a religious relic from a small Slavic nation. Genius. I spent all of Christmas break laughing as I read it.

For more needle and thREAD, check out In the Heart of My Home.

2 thoughts on “needle and thREAD

  1. I love your book recommendations and can’t wait until the day I can pick them up myself. Which did he write first, the Stark mysteries or the humorous Dortmunder books? BTW … you only have a little time left to raid your parent’s libraries…better get crackin’.


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