Are we out of soap?

Actually, no, we’re not.

That’s right, friends.  I paid a moving company to move enough soap to last our family 7 months.  (I have four bars left right now, and I suspect that will last us our the month till we move.)  I am hopeful that we will be left with only a sliver of soap I can joyfully toss into the trash as the moving truck is pulling away.

But seriously.  Was there any soap sale in the past six years that actually covered what I paid those movers to haul soap thirty miles across the city?  Probably not.

So I welcome January, the month of cleaning things out.  Like my pantry.  Cornmeal, anyone?  I have 5 liters. Ill-fitting jeans I won’t wear?  Several pairs.

Are you familiar with the January money diet?  I’m going for it.  I’m a week behind on her daily recommendations, having missed sell something and figure your net worth- although the bank is probably doing that as we speak in preparation of our home purchase.  And my fix something is going to end up costing money, because what I broke are two pieces of antique furniture.  I think I’m ahead on meal planning, though.

Feel free to join me.  If you’re looking for another example of what frugal organic living might look like in real life, check out my friend Anisa’s blog.


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