Celebrating Epiphany

I have new energy for celebrating Epiphany this year.  I’m not sure where that came from- a good break these past two weeks? a snow day to prepare?- but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Normally, I think Epiphany is one of the harder seasons of the church year.  Not that Epiphany itself is hard, but it’s not like Christmas which everyone (and their local Walmart) have suggestions for how to celebrate.  Epiphany is a quieter season, like Ordinary Time, and takes a little more thought.

Like Christmas, Epiphany is a holy day (January 6) as well as a season (running from January 6 to Ash Wednesday, which this year falls of March 5).  Traditionally, Epiphany celebrates the bringing of Light to the nations and recognizes the Magi’s visitation of Jesus.  (Eastern traditions focus on Jesus’ baptism.)

For Epiphany (the day) we have:

  • made French Galette de Trois Rois (Three Kings Cake)
  • played Find the Baby (hiding a small baby Jesus doll, often the one from our crèche)
  • made glittery crowns
  • made star cupcakes
  • played follow the leader, with the leader carrying a star.

but obviously not all at the same time.  This year, I am teaching children’s church, so we will read about the Magi and Herod, play Find the Baby, and follow the star.

For the season, we will:

  • light lots of candles, to represent Jesus as Light of the World.
  • cook lots of international food and spend time learning about the countries and how to pray for them.
  • support World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse as they bring Light to the nations.
  • read Matthew 2:1-12.
  • star-gaze.  Right now we can see Jupiter (it’s so bright!) in the east soon after dusk.  Try here for a weekly digest of what to look for in the night sky.
  • sing the first verse and chorus of We Three Kings as our sung grace.
  • make a little extra time in my day for prayer.

I also am excited to find new traditions in Let Us Keep the Feast: Epiphany and Lent.

What traditions draw you to the Light of the World and lead you to bring his light to the nations?

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Epiphany

  1. There is an amazing French bakery in Denver/Englewood that you must try sometime. It’s pretty far from Longmont, of course, but it’s not too far from your new home. It’s called Trompeau and it’s on Broadway just south of Yale. It is the NUMBER ONE thing we miss from Colorado. Yes, even more than the mountains. They make Galette de Trois Rois, and if you call ahead the day before you can have one made for you. Instead of a bean inside it will have a little statue I think. If you go tell Sophie and Barbara hi from me and Rick!! http://trompeaubakery.com/


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