Guatemala, Part 3: the childrens’ perspective


You can read Part 1 or Part 2 if you missed them.

This time I asked the kids to share their own experiences of Guatemala.  So what follows is theirs. (I did help with spelling and punctuation, and SweetP dictated hers to me.)  So without further ado:

Guatemala was awesome. It was so green- I miss its greenness. When we were in Antigua we could see the volcanos.  While we were driving to Antigua, the view was beautiful. I had the best cheesecake EVER. The Finca was beautiful, It rained ALOT EVERY DAY. I thought that Lucy the cat is adorable. One night Lucy was in my bed room and she woke me up by scratching my feet. Dona Rosa and Rosita made all are [sic] food. The food was so good I loved all the food.  One day we had orange jello.  I loved the crepe place in Antigua called Luna De Miel.  (Moriah)


Guatemala was the craziest place I’ve ever been. There were people jumping into cars off the streets. It was very hot there and the bugs were really annoying.  I couldn’t have lasted for another week there—it was really hard for me.  There was lots of food I liked: black beans and homemade tortillas, rice, all the juices they had there (mango, watermelon, and jimica), and doblados.  It was very strange overall but it was still a little nice there with all the nice scenery and trees.

I liked the markets (besides the mobbing shop vendors).  I really enjoyed that the people liked owls there. Everywhere we went there were owls in the shops.  (Owen)

Guatemala was an interesting experience. The weather was very crazy. It rained every day we were at the finca. At the finca it was very interesting. In Guatemala the plumbing is really bad. You have to throw your toilet paper in the trash. Guatemala was not my very favorite place to go to. It was nice, but it wasn’t my favorite. We saw ruins while we were there. The ruins were very cool. They were very interesting. Some of the ruins were of a cathedral. At the cathedral, the angels had open skirts. Because the people who were in charge of the church didn’t like that, anything built from a later date had closed skirts. The mermaids had skirts. We were able to cuddle with an adorable kitten at the finca. Her name was Lucy. She was one of the cutest kittens ever.   (Jonah)


We went to see Takalik Abaj and found some obsidian.  I liked the standing stones and the ugly fruit.  I like the food at the finca and Lucy the cat.  The fountain in the hotel was scary because it had scars in it from a lion.  (Phoebe)

For the record, I missed the lion-scarred fountain.

Next time, I’ll try to summarize my thoughts on traveling with the whole family.

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