Daybook, First Monday of Advent 2013

Out my window: it’s beautiful today, 61 degrees and sunny.  Even the wind is warm.  I went for a short run this morning, because I know things are a changing.  We’re supposed to have heaps o’ snow on Wednesday.

In the kitchen: I’m roasting chick peas, but they’re taking forever.  I keep setting the timer for 5 more minutes.  One of these times I’m going to go back and find them burnt to a crisp.

In the schoolroom:  I’m doing some tweaking here.  I have been putting it off, even though I know it’s not working, until we move and everything changes anyway… but I can’t wait that long.  It has to change now.  Sorry for being obscure and vague– more details to come– but I feel like we’ve fallen into an exercise rut, just doing what we’ve been doing even though people are challenged.  I feel too challenged in other ways to rock the boat here, but it has to happen.

In the garden: Sam and I are talking about where to put in raised beds (at the new house, obviously).  We’ll have some time between when we move in and when the builder comes to do the landscaping– that’s one advantage to moving in [we hope] in January.  He wants stone, I want wood… he wants permanent, I want organic…

On my mind: I am still sorting through our Guatemala trip before I share more here.  One of my favorite parts was having three meals a day together.

What I’m reading: Sticky Faith by Powell and Clark (it’s good)

and Let Us Keep the Feast (Advent and Christmas) by Telander and Bychek, ed. Snell.  I am really excited about this book.  Here’s a quote from Rachel Telander’s Advent chapter:

In a way, Christians are always in the season of Advent, twenty-four hours a day, seven  days a week, 365 days a year. We are In the Second Advent.  As we remember Christ’s first coming, we are waiting and preparing, in hope and expectation, for his second… Repentance is the final theme of Advent, precisely because we are preparing ourselves , even now, for Jesus’ arrival in splendor and glory from the right hand of God, the Father, and for the day when we will be with him, in paradise.

I was talking with Moriah recently about how we were coming back “late” for Advent, missing Christ the King Sunday (one of my favorites) and the first Sunday of Advent at our church… she was wondering if it was too late to start Advent.  (I confess to similar thoughts today as I am digging myself out from under Laundry Mountain.)  But I reminded her that Jesus is the God who pays the first workers and the latest workers generously, no matter how late we come to the feast.  So if you can’t find your Advent wreath (as I cannot) or your St Nicholas Day books (though I found one at the library this morning), do not despair.  You can start when you’re ready, and Jesus will join you there.  He’s that kind of man.

On the needles:  I’ve had it with the pattern I’m knitting.  I had to pull out a different pattern to use it to try to salvage what I’ve already put months into.  Hate that.  But the children are excited about what they’re making for grandparents and each other, and that makes me happy.

Grateful: for everyone’s coming home well from Guatemala.  For not having to use our evacuation insurance.  For Spanish being spoken in snatches around the house.  For the library’s copy of The Baker’s Dozen, tucked away until Thursday night.

For a few hours with my sisters-in-law Mandy and Jennifer on Friday night, even if we weren’t at a coffee shop.  For so much love and fun and football and food and hilarity this weekend with Sam’s family.

Praying for: Mel and her family.  Mandy.  Claire.  Jerusha.  The Philippines, and our friends who are working so hard there.  Displaced people all over the world.  I think they are especially close to God’s heart.



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