Daybook: November 11

Out my window: the leaves are all down.  It makes for good crunching on our walks, but it’s getting cooler.

In the kitchen: we’re eating up leftovers in preparation for traveling. That means our lunches turn into random combinations of things like eggs and olives and mac & cheese and two bites of stew that someone already ate all the meat out of.

recent doll baptisms

In the schoolroom: we finished The Penderwicks last week (loved it!) and moved on to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s By the Shores of Silver Lake.  Plus the War of 1812 ended, so that’s a relief.  We’ve moved our morning reading time into my “bedroom” (a.k.a. unfinished basement) where the distractions are all packed in boxes.  Last week the boys got under the covers in my bed (another excuse not to make it first thing! hooray!) and the girls played with soft dough on a table Sam set up.  I think it will work for awhile.


On the needles: I confess to some anxiety.  I have a baby gift that is stalled, and a sweater I was working on last winter for spring… I need a good road trip (Guatemala won’t count since they roads are bumpy, or as SweetP says, “vomitaceous,” road.  I made that word up, but now she thinks it’s a real word)– maybe when we get back?

In the garden: we actually did some gardening for a neighbor this weekend.  It was very therapeutic.  I miss my garden.


On my mind:  ten thousand details.  Like how much cash to take and when is it better to pay in dollars or Quetzals? and will that raincoat be too warm? and how many books we can carry and evacuation insurance (just in case, you know?), and will that be enough DEET?  Thanks for praying for us.

Also, recent elections and conversations have me wondering whose job it is to care for the vulnerable (the sick elderly, the mentally ill, children)?  You know, all those people who can’t “pay their own way”.  Is it the Church’s job?  I think so, but we’re not getting it done.  Is it the government’s job? I think so, but they can’t manage it either, especially when we (the taxpayers) don’t want to pay for it.  Is it my job?  I think so, but there is so much need.  Am we doing enough?  I don’t think so.

this photo has nothing to do with the previous paragraph, but I thought you’d want to see it

Grateful: I really am grateful.  We have been praying for an opportunity to travel as a family, use our skills overseas, and give Sam the connections for some international research for years.  Persistent-widow style.

Praying for: Mandy.  Jerusha.  The Philippines and the dreadful tragedy there.  Our friends the Simons.  My parents.  Nate & family.  Lisa.


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