pretty, happy, funny, real

Pretty: autumn. Can’t get enough.


Happy: new kicks.


Even happier in a way that the shoes themselves was what the shoe salesman said. I handed him my old ones to check for overpronating or oversupinating or heel striking or whatever else you can do wrong while you run.  “Wow,” he said, “you’ve really been putting on the miles.”  Love.  I had the same feeling of undeserved athleticism when my physical therapist (after 7 years of knee pain that had me barely walking for exercise) said, “It must be really hard for you not to run.”



Real: I mentioned Monday we did our pre-drywall walk through.  The house looked good, but the date he gave us was “almost certainly by the end of January.” Seriously?  To make me feel better, I’m going to post another autumn photo.  Or maybe two.


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2 thoughts on “pretty, happy, funny, real

  1. That leaf looks fake!! I love the band-aid pedicure-and the cute little toes! Thanks for the extra photos of fall. I’ll be bookmarking this post to bring joy to my days.

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