Grateful, 43

I turn 43 this week.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a list of 43 things.) I am forty-three, and today I am particularly grateful for:



  1. sun on autumn leaves
  2. my children’s patience with me
  3. Sam
  4. my parents’ hospitality
  5. our baby niece (that makes 1 nephew and 2 nieces this year!) who arrived safely
  6. her mama, who is feeling like herself again
  7. cooking from scratch last week: lasagna and chicken marbella and pizza and chicken broth and oatmeal bread
  8. relief from my change-of-seasons migraine (it may not have been from the change of seasons but I’m going to pretend it was)
  9. Owen’s cross-country season
  10. a Sunday-afternoon walk in sunshine and falling leaves
  11. my parents’ trip to France
  12. all of your comments here, which are such an encouragement to me
  13. girls who make leaf-bouquets
  14. our church
  15. The Penderwicks, one of our current read-alouds
  16. my colleagues at work– they do a really good job
  17. Jerusha and Mandy and Christine and John, who call me faithfully even though I’m terrible on the phone




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