{phfr}: Divide and Conquer

Pretty: Sam and Phoebe took a trip to Chicago last week to see family. It was 80 degrees, and the view from the top of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel was very pretty.


Happy: Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of us went to a living history exhibit. I don’t actually have any photos of Jonah because he was content to walk around alone, pretending to be a British spy. Moriah was very happy doing crafts: candle dipping, filling straw tick mattresses, writing with quill pens.


Funny: The boys look forward all year to being put in the stocks. When I asked Owen what he’d done, he said he forgot to sweep the dining room after supper. Man, I run a tight ship.


Real: 80 in Chicago, 40 and raining in Denver. We were freezing. The kids kept saying, “It’s just like that winter in Valley Forge!” Which would be true if we’d had no food or shoes.

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