Grateful: September

I’m still a little too shocked– awed? shaken?– by the flood to say much more about it.  We are fine, but the devastation is astounding.  So I’m going to talk about what I’m grateful for instead… and not just “I’m grateful that we weren’t the people who were sitting in their living room when the windows were crashed into the house by the flash flood.”  Though I’m very, very grateful for that, too.

:: library books


:: apple pie (and How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World)


:: progress on the house

:: autumn light– I love the angles and how it turns everything golden.  Midas light


:: the kids’ spontaneous sewing


:: that the boys wake up every morning and listen to books on tape while building Legos

:: a two-day reprieve before Jonah’s exam


:: Jonah’s Latin tutor

:: that our routine is us, being together, learning together, and that can continue

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