The Run that Nearly Wasn’t

I almost didn’t get a run.  With the light changing, it’s too dark to run before the kids are awake, and I was counting on a run in the afternoon, while Owen had cross-country.
Are these flip-flops if they don’t have the thong between the toes?

Owen put on his shoes, and I put on my running clothes.  The girls planned to play at the park, where there are dancing waters, so they put on swimsuits.  Jonah’s plan was to “run around” so he wore flip-flops too.  The sky looked dark, but I was desperate, and if we got rained out halfway through, it would still have been 30 minutes.

I had all of dinner’s ingredients prepped and set out by the recipe for Sam to make if he made it back before we did.


So we were halfway to practice  when the lightning started.  Big, scary, close lightning.  A minute later my phone rang: it was the coach, [wisely] canceling practice.

Okay, regroup. I told the kids we would go to the rec center instead.  The boys could run on the track with me, while the girls did a little rock climbing.  (I know, it would have made sense to have the swim since they were wearing their swimsuits but I would have had to go with them to supervise.  So that was out.)

That was when everyone said, “But I don’t have the right shoes!”  So we drove home to get shoes.  After half an hour of to-and-froing, we pulled into the rec center parking lot.  SweetP then said she couldn’t get her shoe untied… after sitting with it on her lap for fifteen minutes.

Straw + camel = another $20 I need to put into my daughter’s therapy fund.


Once we made it inside, though, we had a grand time.  Girls climbed (though we discovered that rock climbing harnesses are no fun on top of swimsuits) and boys ran.


Eventually SweetP joined us on the track.  I only ran a mile, but it was a mile I so desperately needed.  And what a joy it was to exercise together– the track made it feasible to run together at our own paces.  I’ve never run on a track before, but I’d have to say for what it was, today was a success.


She seriously ran 3 laps without stopping.  Fast!  (She must get that from Sam, cause she sure doesn’t get it from me!)

What was the latest straw to your camel?  And how did you put the hump back in place?


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