Daybook, September

Out my window: cool weather moving in. Finally. I know all you summer-junkies can’t get enough, but I need to be able to sit outside. As soon as possible.
Last week’s science included burning chocolate bars. Chocolate + magnifying glasses = everybody wins.

In the kitchen: I’m not sure yet what’s for lunch, but we’re going to have beef with broccoli for dinner. Owen has cross-country right before dinner, so I’ll be chopping/slicing everything and prepping the sauce before we for ease-of-making it when we get home.

What I’m hearing: Moriah’s running commentary on all my pinterest pins. She especially loves 15 ways to hang Christmas lights in the bedroom and my collection of desks (all of which are for her or Owen.). SweetP’s favorites are the swings and chicken coops.  We are all very excited by how much progress they’ve made on our house this past week.


In the schoolroom: my parents are traveling this week, so we are planning to lie around in the house the whole time.  The boys are writing a computer game, and the girls have been making lots of fairy houses. Oh wait– did you think I was actually teaching them something?  If I must… this week we’re learning about John Quincy Adams and the sun and bacteria.  We’ll hopefully finish Strawberry Girl and begin Alice in Wonderland and Kipling’s Just So Stories.
On my mind: Syria.  How to find the time to follow through on everything that’s on my plate.

Grateful for: gentle friends.  Sam.  Jonah’s Latin tutor, with whom he’ll meet this week after his statistics class.  Mandy.  Two healthy babies whose births I attended Friday night.  Lunch with Britta after church.  Progress on the house.  Two really great runs last week.  Sam.

Praying for: Mandy.  Stephanie. Laura. Jerusha. Lisa. Syria. Burma.  A possible trip to Latin America this fall… more on this later as [if] it develops.



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