School: week 3

Week three was hard, mostly because of my planning.  It’s different with Jonah having and “outside” class.  I have not made time for him to do what he needs to do for that class– it just hasn’t been in my mind.  But he calmly asked me to change our adventure day to a different day so that he would have time for his homework, and I was so impressed.  It was a bigger flash of problem-solving than I expected, and we are changing around our schedule.

Another adjustment this year is that we have two different science curricula going on. (The above is our solar system model.) Another layer of complexity that I’d hereto dodged successfully.

So we’re adjusting. And learning. We are sorely missing having a back yard– just a place to make a big mess– since our big messes in the kitchen aren’t so much appreciated.


How was school for you last week?


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