Playing House

It might not be coincidence that SweetP is playing house. All the time.


Thank you to everyone who has asked how it’s going at my parents’ house.  It’s going.  We’re two months down, of six (or seven.)  We’re thinking of going down to the house to pray over the foundation and write things in chalk on the concrete, but I don’t want to scare off the workers.


We have good days and bad days– many more good than bad, but the three bad days were doozies.  My parents will be traveling for more than three weeks during September and October, and I think the break will be good for everyone.


I should have guessed this, but our issues aren’t new ones… or even ones that result from our living here. Old issues, forever unresolved, continue to bubble up between my parents and over onto us. My parents’ disagreements today aren’t that different from what they were in 1978, or 1984, or 1999. They will celebrate 48 years of marriage next month, and they still like to talk together over the dinner table.  That’s a pretty wonderful thing for my children (and me) to see up close.


So keep praying for us, if you will, that our time here will be a blessing for us all.


I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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