Home School Reality Check

This is the post in which my brakes are heard screeching to a halt.

It seems that my best-laid plans are fraught with peril.  My children don’t necessarily want to go along with my ideas.

For example, this week on Mystery Day we arrived at the trailhead for our hike, and SweetP refused to walk.  In years past, my strategy to deal with this was to pick the protesting child up piggy-back and carry him for a bit to show him just how much stinkin’ fun the hike was going to be.  But now I’m old and have a bad back.  This year, we all got back in the car and drove home.

Last week’s hike:

The next day, it was time to do our family reading.  (My favorite part of school!) Everyone else gathered on the couches, and SweetP hid under the bed.

One night my dad was cooking, so I told everybody we were going to the rec center for a little swimming or rock climbing before dinner.  Owen said he’d rather read. SweetP had lost her privilege of rock climbing (because of the aforementioned attitude during the non-hike) and had a choice between swimming and going in the day care.  She chose day care.

Each of my children has gone through a week (or two or six) of protest when “school” started for real.  Moriah made it a few weeks before she protested.  Jonah didn’t know any better, so his rebellion was short.  Also, I had two toddlers when I started schooling him, so we all just took naps instead of “school” which was probably what we needed anyway.  Owen protested off & on for 2 years before he figured out how much more time he’d have if he just sat down and did his work every day.  (Now I feel like he is done even before the breakfast dishes are done.)

Between the botched hike, the dragging-the-child-out-from-under-the-bed, the picnic lunch I made that everyone refused to eat, and the box of microscope supplies that haven’t come yet (because I forgot to order them), it has been a less-than-stellar week. Yet…

  • we read a charming book together, called Stuck
  • we sent Sam off to love on our baby nephew
  • SweetP saw a heron
  • lots and lots of hugs were given
  • Owen fell in love with a book

Some weeks it’s all about the little things.

Maybe all weeks.


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