Daybook: mid August

In the kitchen: pork & apricot kebabs and watermelon.  Anything that can be cooked outside or eaten raw.  It’s hot.


In the schoolroom: We had blast last week researching our questions (including which chickens lay pink eggs, and how long the Hubble telescope was designed to last.)  We’re keeping a log each week, and then at the end of the week, we sit down and explore together.

What I’m hearing: lots of Toby Mack.  Moriah received 2 CDs for her birthday, both with (different) Toby Mack songs on it.  And Justin Roberts.  Loving Henrietta’s Hair.


In the garden: our neighbor shared some yellow tomatoes with us.  SweetP had earmarked them for her lunch, but I ate them when I wasn’t looking.  Whoops.  Hopefully the neighbor will share some more.

On the needles: lots of action this week. One UFO became an FO but I can’t show it to you yet since it’s a gift.  The other UFO is my red sweater.  I finished the torso and was able to try it on: too short (easy to fix) but just right in girth (phew!)  I’m knitting sleeves before I rip out the lower border to add another inch or two of length.


On my mind: Egypt.  Such a tragedy happening there.  How to find space and time for my quiet time– right now it’s getting moved around and squished on all sides.

Praying: for Mandy.  For Jen & baby-to-come, Mick’s trip, Norma. Jerusha. For all the students (including Jonah) and teachers starting new routines this month and next– change is hard.


Grateful: for a family bike ride and a trip to the climbing wall this weekend (Colorado really has the best rec centers!); Sam’s care for me; dear friends; the girls’ equine adventure, courtesy of friends at church (and all photos thereof courtesy of Kathie).



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