First Day of School


I had hoped to be a little more organized.  As it is, the pencils are sharpened and I have the first semester planned, but I can’t find Owen’s math books.  It’s the school equivalent of getting a ding in your new car on day one.  At least I will start the year with realistic expectations.

Our curriculum choices and the books I am planning for us to read are posted on our Learning Plans 2013-4 page.  Not a lot of change in the basics there: just separating Jonah’s science out from everyone else (he’ll do Apologia biology, and they’ll do the elementary Apologia Astronomy).  But I am planning two new weekly “specials” about which I am very excited.

First, once a week we are going to have a Mystery Day.  That is, once a week I will tell the children, “Be sure to wear/pack ______ today,” and then we will leave the house on an adventure.  On my list is fishing, visits to friends who live a bit away, hikes, Rocky Mountain National Park to watch the elk, skiing and ice skating.  I’m sure I’ll find lots more up here for us to discover, but this is my starter list.  I have a feeling that once we settle into our new home, I won’t want to leave it ever for awhile, and while we’re at my parents, have an extra day that we are out of the house is a good thing.

Second, we’re going to keep a running list of questions that come up during our conversations and school reading, and then on Friday we will research them together (online and at the library).  The question that came up this weekend was, ” how do 3D printers work?”  This idea came from a Ted talk by Sugata Mitra, which is linked here.

What’s new in your school this year?


4 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Oh I love the idea of a Mystery Day, Annie! I hope your first day went well for you. Was it difficult being in your parent’s home and not your own? We have new changes as well. This year we are making the switch to AO and we are going to begin in less than a week. It was supposed to be this week, but, I pushed it off since the weather is nice and we’ve been in rain or heat most of the summer. I’ve spent alot of time this summer trying to iron everything out for the change and hope it goes well. We did mostly living books last year and loved it.

  2. I too love the idea of a mystery day. I think I’ll try to incorporate it with my crew – especially since we have so much NEW to explore here. Looking at your 2013-14 learning plans – wow! It seems like such a big jump from last year’s plan! They must have done so well. Ours is much simpler since I’m still keeping it very loose for E and H is looking at 2nd grade. I’m just trying to keep pants on Cora.

    I wonder how you manage each kiddo at their individual levels, now that they are getting more advanced? I know I will be there in a few years. I suppose it helps a lot that the older ones can read on their own and (J especially) can do more independent study?

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