Daybook: August

Red: Indian paintbrush. Blue: Fireweed.

Out my window: our neighbor’s vegetable garden is flourishing.  I miss our raspberries.

In the kitchen: my dad and I did some meal planning.  This week for us: fajitas; great green pasta; pork loin medallions with a rub and black beans, avocado, and corn salad; and grilled portabellas.

In the schoolroom: organization.  This week I am printing up our art prints (I get these from Ambleside online), booklists, and organizing our shelves.  Last week I had a few hours with the computer and my books and was able to pull together our first semester’s plan for science, writing, and history.


I’m reading: Simplicity Parenting, Charlotte Mason’s Original Home Education (Vol 3), and Emma.

On the needles: The red sweater is two rows from coming off the needles (minus sleeves).  I think I am stalling because I’m afraid it won’t fit.


On my mind: the value of work.  My parents moved into this pretty patio-home community seven years ago, and they have lots of space– but not a lot of work.  Good for them.  Not so good for children who need work.  I want to find some routine jobs each of us can be responsible for, but it’s a delicate balance between seeing work around me and suggesting that my parents haven’t been keeping up.

Grateful for: my parents’ generosity.  A date with Sam & friends.  Regular meetings with the “outreach committee” at church.  While I’m not a big fan of committees (especially if I have to be on them), these meetings are good for reminding me frequently to think about going outside our church body for ministry.  Last week in the mountains: a hike, recovering from my virus, ice skating, flowers, the smell of the mountains.

Praying for: Mandy.  Joy (Maddie’s mom).  Peace for my children through this transition.  Araceli.  Lisa.  Routine.  Lala.

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