Beach Nature Study

We’re back from the beach.  One of my favorite days was right at the end, when we took the kids (and their cousins) on a walk at low tide.  I love seeing the world through their eyes.

We saw a huge jellyfish. (Better to see it on the sand than have it find you in the water!)
We think these are crab poop.  Don’t they look just like chocolate sprinkles?

And then there were all these horseshoe crabs. First one, then lots of pairs. “Oh they’re best friends!” Well, sort of…


So here’s the site we found to inform us about the life cycle of the horseshoe crab.

And I think a sandpiper?

Have you been doing any nature study (formal or informal)? I’d love to see it.

For more summer nature study, check out Nature Study Monday at Fisher Academy International.

4 thoughts on “Beach Nature Study

  1. Oh I love this! No idea about those little crab poops? They look litke rabbit food pellets to me. lol.
    I have a post queued up about H’s Wildlife Journal later this week (on my other blog – htttp:// ). Both of the boys requested to learn about the ocean this year.

  2. Very nice, Annie! I miss going to the beach and just looking at things. I grew up near the ocean and miss it dearly! Looks like you all had such a good time. I have been wanting to get my boys started with a regular nature study this summer, but, between all of the rain and heat we’ve been getting it has yet to happen. Thanks for sharing!

    • We have trouble with summer nature study, too– we make it outside, but between the heat and the bugs, I feel like it doesn’t often happy. We do better in the fall and spring.

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