July First Daybook

Out my window: Girls with parasols.


In the kitchen: My dad and I are working through the dance of who-cooks-what.  We go on vacation tomorrow, though, and I’m hoping to eat a lot of fruit and take-out and then come back with some fresh inspiration for August.

In the schoolroom: I am thinking and planning.  Hoping to read some inspiration on vacation.  I’m looking at some books to challenge me to go back to why we educate: not to craft good students, but good people.  I want this year to be one of wonder and peace and good books.


I’m reading: Ready to dig into Clay & Sally Clarkson’s Educating the Whole Hearted Child and Charlotte Mason’s Home Education again.  And for entertainment, Donald Westlake’s Jimmy the Kid.

On the needles: Baby things.


Random news: Friday night I was washing the chlorine out of Phoebe’s hair when my cell phone started ringing.  And ringing.  And after it went to voicemail, it immediately started ringing again.  My dad (who couldn’t possibly NOT answer a ringing phone) came running down the hallway with it.  It was the resident at the hospital, calling because I was on call.  And had completely forgotten.  (That’s sort of how all last week went.)  Happily, Sam walked in 5 minutes later and I could go in for the night.


Grateful for: church. A conversation with Tamarin last week.  A lovely double birthday celebration last night.


That I didn’t miss anything urgent at the hospital.  Jerusha’s voice on the other end of the phone Saturday when I was losing it.  The tree that we successfully planted.  A closing date (tomorrow). An encouraging note from a good friend.


The new “bridge” over the creek in the park [and that I made the boys come, even though they didn’t want to].  The girls’ excitement after they conquered the diving board  for the first time.  A sweet evening with our homeschool support group last week.  [Wow- this was quite a list!]


Praying for: Mandy.  Maddie’s family as they grieve the loss of her.  Justine and Jen.  Peace for my children through this transition.  That I will respond to them with grace and kindness instead of my own anxiety and impatience to be settled.


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