“Is it October yet?”


My dad asked this morning, “Is it October yet?”  Of course, he was kidding, but there is an element of that every day.  Eggshell walking.  Being extra considerate of one another, but wondering if it’s going to get harder.

In other news, our buyers got their issue worked out, and now all we have to do is reschedule our closing.


I’m trying to focus my energy on being the Mom.  On actually attending to what my kids are saying, rather than trying to calculate in my head whether or not we have to pay the mortgage before the TBD closing, or if we’ll be okay.  Not checking my phone every 10 minutes for an update.  This Mom thing is hard.

We did manage to get to the pool, the girls and I.  Moriah went off the diving board, at first very tentatively, and then with more confidence.  I had to snag a tube for her since the three in circulation were being hogged.  (Sometimes the Mom has to do that.)  Phoebe and I played Shark in the lazy river, which made it not-so-lazy.

Under progress, we’re logging the following items:

  • the kids are halfway done with the requirements for the library’s summer reading program (I am using the library’s, since I didn’t have it in me to set up ours again. Maybe next summer.)
  • I set up the wireless
  • I finally have our computer hooked up to the wireless network
  • my dad reorganized the pantry. twice.
  • the boys are watering the neighbor’s garden while she’s gone
  • the hello kitties are settled in their new bathroom. (Do you know the book The Tub People?  It’s totally worth finding.)
  • I have the tree people coming Saturday to take out the dead ash tree



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