Daybook: July

Outside my window: my mother has such a green thumb, and her flowers are gorgeous right now.  I am hoping she can work some magic on Moriah’s rose bush.  (Phoebe’s seems to be doing all right.)

In the kitchen: my dad is cooking tonight, but I’m planning roasted red pepper and sausage pizza for tomorrow.


In the schoolroom: I vacuumed our “living room” in the basement (a.k.a. the girls’ room) yesterday, in hopes that we will be ready to gather there for a little powwow this morning.  We have been to the library twice already, so the kids are stocked up on books.

Once I had signed up for my library card, we took our books to the checkout and quickly exceeded our limit (40).  Jonah, who had been waiting patiently until everyone else’s books were checked out, looked at me with a furrowed brow and gestured toward his (huge) bag of books.  “Um, I guess I can put these back…”  So he ended up getting his own library card, too.  40 just isn’t enough books for six people for three weeks.  (Apparently 80 wasn’t either, since my dad took Owen back two days later for more.)


Anyway, this week we’re reading and reinstating piano practice.  I don’t actually know where any math books are, so that’s not going to happen.

Thinking about: Order.  (It is Ordinary Time, after all.) Now that our space has order, we need to order our time.  For the last week (and more) it has been too much screen time and no routine.  Even though we’re heading out to the beach for vacation next week, I feel a need to get some routine in place. Immediately.


Grateful for: This weekend’s 30 Hour Famine.  16 of us from church fasted together from Saturday at 5 AM until Communion on Sunday.  More on this later, but it was good.  Very good.

Grateful for my parents’ generosity and gentleness with us this weekend.  Sam’s work.  My work.  All of you who have been praying us through this move.  The library.  We read Carry on, Mr. Bowditch, this year, and the kids were floored by the fact that people had to pay to join a library.

Praying for: Norma, Maddie and Mandy.  That our buyers will get their issue sorted out before our (re)scheduled closing on Friday.  Justine and Jen.  Jerusha.  Grace as we navigate new waters in a tight ship with my parents.


One thought on “Daybook: July

  1. Our youth group at church does the 30 hour famine – such a great program and experience to get a glimpse of poverty and to pray for those who suffer from the effects of poverty.

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