July First Daybook

Out my window: the roses are still at it, and the daisies are fat enough that I can see the white heart.  Alas, we will miss them.  I did manage to get the two rose bushes (baptism gifts, one for each of the girls) out and into pots.  Say a little prayer that they survive both moves, will you?

In the kitchen: I saved some potatoes so I could make eggs & hash… but I all took the cutting boards and knives to my parents’ house.  Hmm.  Also, I scraped all the dried, disgusting food off the crack in the table where it splits around the leaf.  Gross!  But it looks much better now.  The leaf is about 25 shades darker than the rest of the table.  Time to refinish the table.

Packing update: We’re on Stage 6 Tomorrow we will move automatically to Stage 7, whether we’re ready or not.  The buyers will keep our piano, and all the couches and mattresses that the children used as trampolines in the basement have been hauled away.  I’m down to all sorts of little things that don’t intuitively belong in a box together but don’t deserve a box of their own.  For example: poster markers, hello kitty sunglasses, a blank notebook and barbecue skewers.  I have made two dumpster dives for boxes.  Apparently I don’t offer enough patronage to our local liquor store to merit any kindness.  I ask if he has any boxes, and he says, “Yeah, they’re out in the dumpster if you’ve got tape.”


The children are full of anxiety.  Only Jonah is old enough to remember our last move, and it was exponentially less complicated than this one.  Yesterday, I finally was able to clarify to SweetP’s satisfaction that her special stuffed animal was NOT going in the moving truck, and all her things weren’t going to disappear forever.  A week from now, this move will have some muscle and skin on the bones, and we will see that it’s going to be fine.  It was my New Year’s Resolution to spend more time at my parents’ house, after all.

In the schoolroom: um, what schoolroom?

I’m reading: not much.  Genesis, at least.  The other day Owen was walking around asking for screen time, and I told him to go read a book.  He burst into tears and said, “You packed all the books I like!”  And then we returned all the library books.  Poor guy.

On the needles: Last week I spent an hour at the Lamb Shoppe with a new knitting-friend, and I chose two delicious new wools… I’ve got babies to knit for, remember?

Grateful for: a dinner with our neighbors last night.  (Soon I will stop calling them my neighbors and call them just our good friends.)  That our plot of land is all marked with sticks that say “Do Not Disturb.”  (We did not disturb them, oh no.)  Another fun swim meet on Saturday.  6 1/2 years in this neighborhood.  It has been good.

Praying for: Mandy.  Maddie & family.  Justine and Jen.  Peace for my children through this transition.  That I will respond to them with grace and kindness instead my own anxiety and impatience to be settled.



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