End of June Daybook

Out my window: I am writing this at the library by our new house. (We haven’t moved yet, but I can still scope out the library.)  There street has a fair amount of traffic, both foot and other.  It will be good to be back in the city.

In the kitchen: My sister-in-law and my friend Renee each sent us dinner– what a gift.  Now we’re down to the beans from the freezer.  They’re in the crockpot with some bacon and ketchup.  I’ll just hand in my foodie card right now.

In the schoolroom: um, boxes.

This week the kids have theater camp. Friday’s performance will be The Hobbit.  SweetP was cast as a troll and a dwarf (not in the same scene.)  She came home from the first day and had to take a three hour nap, from which she woke up thinking it was the next morning.  The Theatah Is Exhausting.




  •  For the Onufrocks’ visit.
  • That the appraisal came in fine, and is done.
  • For a late-night cabbage burger.
  • For Mandy’s faith.
  • For my parents’ flexibility.
  • For the money we raised in the garage sale for the bri foundation.
  • That our nephew is home and nursing and growing.
  • For four lovely deliveries during my shift last week.
  • For Christine’s LOA for their adoption from China.  Hooray!


Thinking about: our 30 hour famine coming up (soon!).  Thanks to everyone who has promised to pray for me and my impending caffeine headache.  Thanks, too, for contributing to World Vision’s hunger programs in our names.


Reading: I’m still working my way through the writing contest entries I’m judging. [Variety!]  I just finished Job.  [Wow.]  Georgette Heyer is getting me through my distracted moments.  And I spent too much time yesterday ROFL as I read Simcha Fisher’s blog.

Praying: for Christine and Art, that they may travel soon.  For Mandy.  For Jerusha. For Jen & Justine. For the details of our move next week.  Thanks for praying with us.


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