Grateful, 6 years


This week is the 6th anniversary of my little blog.  I am grateful for this space to share my thoughts, our life, and what we are learning.  As this week feels out of control– nephew far away in the NICU, buyers’ loan trouble, good-byes I didn’t want to say, sick children– I find comfort in the trail of breadcrumbs at my feet.  God is good.


I am grateful for:

  • the miracle of the garden.  seed + water + sun = a vine of leaves.  I am hoping the people who makes their lives in this place after us enjoy the watermelons and zucchini, strawberries, beans and rhubarb I am leaving behind.
  • our neighbors.  Some of them will go with us in very tangible ways into the transition ahead of us.
  • that my nephew is doing so well
  • a few good runs lately
  • my niece’s mission trip this week
  • our upcoming fast for World Vision’s hunger relief programs.  Thanks to those who have donated and/or promised to pray for us.  (As I look at my daily caffeine habit it is very clear to me how much prayer I am going to need!)
  • the women who walk with us on this home schooling journey– they sharpen my thinking, call me on my laziness, and inspire me to grace and faith
  • that three of my four children are well again… just one to go
  • our church.
  • watching Downton Abbey with a pint of salted caramel gelato and Sam (bliss!)
  • last night’s evening walk with SweetP



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