SweetP’s First Swim Meet

Saturday was SweetP’s first swim meet.


They did relays first, and being in the 6 & under category, she swam event 2, the 4×25 free relay.  Here she is, ready to “dive” in:


Afterwards, I dried her off and wrapped her in her robe. She asked, “Do I get to do it again?”

J was sick, but the other three had a really good meet. A few blue ribbons, a few PRs were had. (SweetP had all PRs.)



I am so grateful for this sport, where my highly competitive children can really compete just against themselves.  We’ve had good coaches and teams full of good kids.  It’s the one sport in which they can all practice and compete in the same place at the same time.  The way they cheer for each other and support each other after their races makes me so happy.


5 thoughts on “SweetP’s First Swim Meet

  1. Sweet P had a meet already!?! How exciting! Henry was “too young” to get on a team when we were in Englewood. I will have to look into hit here in Texas. He LOVES swimming and (thanks Michael Phelps) wants to do races and be a swimmer when he grows up. Or a race car driver. Or… 😉
    Sooo… what’s a PR?

  2. way to go swim team..best family sport there is..now you know why my kids did it for so long…Sam started at 41/2 and was a great breast stroker. So glad you have all the kids doing this

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