Mid-June Daybook

Out my window: last week’s smoke [from the Black Forest fire] has cleared.  This is Miller Moth week, and they’re everywhere.  Almost like smoke.

In the kitchen: tonight’s dinner will be flank steak and smoothies.  We’re eating all the yummy beef and frozen fruit out of the freezer.


In the garden: the watermelons have come up, and most of the volunteer tomatoes and peppers I moved [closer to the water] are doing well.  The zinnias are up, and the clematis buds are getting fat.  Roses are a-blooming.

Around the house: piles of boxes and sick kids.  Last week, J had a fever for 5 days.  Now it’s M.  So far SweetP has dodged it, and O had it just for 2 days.  They are miserable, and we find ourselves frantically searching for their favorite movies (which their rotten mother packed).  If J had been sick one more day, I was going to have to rip open boxes to find LOTR.

Grateful for:

  • SweetP’s near-infinite ability to amuse herself outside.  Today the restaurant is serving potsticker pie and raspberry parfaits.
  • O’s cannon, which he modeled on the one our friends built for their son’s birthday party.
  • Dinner out with good friends
  • Lots of games of Blockus and Settlers of Catan.
  • Progress on the garage sale preparations.
  • New friends’ coming over to share a meal.




Praying for:  Mandy’s surgery tomorrow.  Becky & Ben (this is their son’s candle burning).  The details of our closing– as the date approaches, I am more concerned that something is going to go wrong.  For Justine.  For Jen: for longer strings of good days.



4 thoughts on “Mid-June Daybook

  1. Thanks for modeling this intentional practice of writing, reflecting and giving thanks in the midst of a time with heavier demands than usual. Grateful for your prayers and a reason for candle-burning and brilliant imaginations and working canons. Carrying y’all in prayer as sickness departs (quickly, please!) and as the same God who showed up ‘big time’ continues to rock your world by His ability to do immeasurably more.

  2. Please tell O that if he’s interested in cannons, I happen to know a family that lives on an army base that happens to be an artillery base, and that said family would LOVE to host his family ANYTIME for a visit, and we can show him all the cannons, functional and not, that he can take!

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