Pretty: climbing roses. Of course, they have nothing to climb so they’re just spreading all over. This is the bush we accidentally split when we were trying to move it. The other half didn’t make it, but this half is super-happy. (Oh wait, this section is Pretty. It’s super-pretty.)



Happy: My almost-nine year-old got her ears pierced this week. Three times a day she tells me how she cleans her ears.  In. Excruciating. Detail.


Funny: While she was in the chair, the boys waited outside– until they heard screaming [they said] and then they came running in to see what was happening. [Nothing was happening. The Claire’s girl was selling a pair of earrings to someone else. I have no idea who screamed.]


Real: Here is a huge pile of stuff we’re giving away. I can’t believe how much stuff we have. Sad. My college friend Stacy told me once that one of her high school teachers loved the phrase, “Ostentatious Display of Bourgeois Decadence.” I think this qualifies.


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9 thoughts on “{phfr}

  1. I can totally relate to your real – I keep thinking about how I will probably be embarassed when we move at just how much stuff comes out of our apartment. Your roses are beautiful.


  2. M just got her ears pierced at Claire’s too – She was very brave… and yes… I have the “cleaning the ears” reports too. It was a big deal for her because she is very afraid of needles… as in, in 3rd grade I had to hold her down while she kicked and screamed over a flu shot… but she had made a promise to herself she would do this when she was 12… and she DID! No screams to report – just a tiiiiiiiight hand squeeze. Hooray, to my M, and your M too!


  3. It always feels good to get rid of stuff! I am a minimalist wannabe and despite years of serious decluttering, I still feel like we have too much!

    Beautiful roses. I wish they were climbing on my garden arch!


  4. Ahhh I love climbing roses! So sweet and beautiful.
    That’s hilarious about the ear piercing — clearly the boys thought that this was going to be more of a gory adventure than it was! 🙂


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