Daybook, early June


Out my window:  the iris are still blooming their hearts out.  The white ones just keep on going, and the purple and red are blooming for the first time.  Also, the window porch boxes finally settled in and decided to be happy.  The birds are chirping a riot.


Around the house: boxes.  I did both sets of china yesterday, which left my pecs killing me but made me feel very satisfied.  I’m not sure how best to delegate tasks to the kids.  Any experience with that?  I don’t really want them packing up my glasses…


Also, we’re missing our cousins and aunt and uncle.  We had such a blast that I’m going to keep bombarding you with photos of five-year old cousins being cute.  Sorry.

Sam and I aren’t sleeping very well.  So be sure to let me know how to pray for you, since there’s  a lot of 2 AM prayers happening.


What I’m hearing: all the kids’ play has been about moving.  “So they’re moving, but the house isn’t built yet, so they’re going to live at the Museum for six months.”

In the kitchen: no cooking.


What I’m reading:   I volunteer as a judge each year for our writer’s group’s contest.  My submissions just came in.  I think they’ll be just about right– 20 pages each, and no temptation to keep reading all night.  I learn so much from trying to articulate what works or doesn’t work in a book.

Grateful: for Matt & Jen.  For Mandy’s healing knee.  For what my children are learning about prayer as we make this transition.  For M’s new glasses (these are not the glasses.)  That M’s finger isn’t broken.


Praying for: Jen and her family.  Mary.  Kathie.  Lala & family.  Our church’s upcoming 30 hour famine.  our little church.  Mandy.



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