Pretty: the garden is just gorgeous right now. Except for the hawthorn tree (which oddly smells of fish) it smells great, too.


Happy: cousins together. What a blast it has been to be with Sam’s brother and his family this week!


Funny: The Black Bus is home from its world tour. We dumped all the animals out, and Sam sorted them. That was the first thing the kids said when they came downstairs. “The Black Bus is home!! Oh, you sorted them by species!”


Real: the chaos begins. I find this move requires more thought than my previous ones, since we’ll be living with my parents for 6 months (or so) until our house is ready. Every room has two sets of boxes: ones we need immediately, ones we will open when we move again in the winter.

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round button chicken


3 thoughts on “{phfr}

  1. I read that you sold your house! Wow congratulations. It sounds like a new build. Happy that the bus is home from tour. We are really enjoying our new neighborhood and being in the car so much less. I do miss hanging out on the pool deck with the riptide.

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