Daybook: Saturday in May


Out my window: the boys mowed the grass yesterday.  J has joined in the grass-mowing enterprise and just isn’t… well, let’s say O has a year’s more practice.  I can’t decide if I remow it today, or make him go back out.  (He just doesn’t see the shag effect he has created.)


What I’m hearing: this moment it’s quiet.  But soon I will be hearing chorus upon chorus from Les Miserables as Sam and my niece Haley get ready to go see the show today.  Do you hear the people sing?


In the garden: the garden is finally bursting with green and pink.  All sorts of goodness is just around the corner: fat peony buds sway in the breeze, lettuce and spinach are ready to be eaten, and the rhubarb is close.


In the kitchen:  French toast with berries.  I bought a day-old baguette at the store, and it always makes such good French toast.  Also, I have to make a new batch of yogurt– the last batch spoiled.  I have no idea what I did, but every 6 months or so, I have a batch that goes wrong, and this one was a doozy.


In the schoolroom: yesterday was our last day.  Everyone gave it a good effort, despite a chorus of singing birds and the sounds of friends whizzing by outside on bikes and scooters.  We painted, had our poetry picnic, and did all our regular stuff.  I’ll post soon on our reading lists, what worked (or not), and what we’ll be changing up for next year.


Grateful for: this week’s tea party for Lammy-Tammy (the stuffed sheep, who escaped traveling on the Black Bus), that Mandy got her infusion, O’s Hobbit Chess, for Heather & Haley’s visit, a rekindling of desire to devour the Word, and for Sam.  Almost seventeen years into our marriage, he is still the person I want to talk everything over with, every time. What a gift God has given me in him.


Praying for: healing and hope for Mandy, Clare’s biopsy, Norma, all my nieces/nephews coming soon (and their mothers!), safety for all the graduates as they celebrate, Egbe Hospital (Nigeria), and for refugees.  Things as especially bad in Kachin State (Burma).  And in me, for peace as we wait on our house to sell and try to trust that the right house will be ready for us at the right time.


One thought on “Daybook: Saturday in May

  1. I love reading your posts, keeps me up on everything that is going on in your lives. Sounds like the Grand canyon vacation was a success. Like all the pictures esp Sam gazing over the rocks

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