{phfr}: Desert Edition

Pretty: I think May is the best time of year to visit the Sonoran Desert.  Lots of plants were green and blooming, including this prickly pear.

Happy: Cathedral Rock State Park.  The signage was terrible (it took us half an hour or wrong turns to find it) but it was my favorite day of the trip.


Funny: This is my favorite photo from the trip. She’s not actually anywhere near the edge (see those guys in the right hand corner? They are wishing they thought to take a photo up here!)

Real: This is J at the trailhead of our hike. Well, the hike we intended to do. None of our maps mentioned that you needed a high-clearance vehicle to GET to the trailhead (cf. aforementioned terrible signage), so we had to park a mile away, and most of my kids had had it with “hiking” the road before we ever made it to the trailhead. J and I persevered.
Sedona 023

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3 thoughts on “{phfr}: Desert Edition

  1. Looks like quite a fun adventure! The lack of clear signage sounds like a fantastic parallel to real life…sounds like your perseverant effort with J was worth it? (: Love the pics!

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