Grand Canyon Photos by the Hams


I’m having that strange sensation of simultaneous acceleration and deceleration as we come back from vacation for one week of school.  It’s a little bit like the flutter I felt each time one of the children got too close to the edge at the Grand Canyon.


Our schooling muscles atrophied a bit while we were gone.  We didn’t even crack our nature notebooks or the desert books I dragged 1800 miles with us.  (My continuing failure to be a consistent example in my own nature notebook is a great disappointment to me.)  We walked a lot; we listened to 24 hours of books on CD.  I’m going to count all that as school, knowing that this week while we’re “back at it” the school kids in our neighborhood are working hard at field day and returning textbooks and wiping down their desks.


But last night was the piano recital, and tomorrow is the play, next week is SweetP’s dance recital (and dress rehearsal, etc.) and we have 3 different sets of houseguests coming in 3 weeks (hooray!).


So you’ll excuse me if I accidentally hit the brakes when I’m supposed to be speeding up.


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