Daybook: Early May

I’m hearing: child-sponsored Olympics for stuffed animals.  It sounds like a cross between the Westminster dog show and the Daytona 500, and the judging and scoring is as corrupted as Olympic Ping-Pong.

Out my window: my neighbor’s aspens trees are dripping with pollen.  Maybe that’s why Sam and the children can’t breathe?  The plum tree has leaves unfolding, and the tulips are a riot of color.  I love spring.

In the school room: I can hardly believe how close we are to finishing.  Everyone has exceeded our math goals (though we never stop doing math around here). Our writing curriculum as two more weeks.  Latin and Spanish continue, and I’m hearing progress.  We finished our history spine and have been reading biographies since.  Last week was Eli Whitney. This week is Napoleon.

In the kitchen: nothing much.  We’re trying to keep it clean.  Clean kitchen = bad digestion. On the upside, look at the shine on my kettle!


On my mind: all the endless circles of what if.  Which are pointless really and make me as dizzy as riding on a Ferris wheel.  But I persist in going there.  A lot of you have asked where we’re planning to move.  Back into the city (Denver), for a variety of reasons.  Even if it all works out, we don’t foresee changes in home schooling, jobs, or church.


Grateful: for a good meeting at church Sunday about children’s ministries.  For an outing to Mary Poppins (fantastic!) and a restaurant with a balloon-artist entertainer.  He gave us a Phoenix, a fire-breathing dragon, My Little Pony, clotted veins (for me!), a hat (for Sam), and a T. Rex skeleton.  He was really amazing.

For a great time at the art museum this weekend with Sam’s cousin Lisa.  The Denver Art Museum has such great kid-interactive exhibits (there’s really something in every gallery.)  This trip’s new finds included an iPad (with our friend’s picture on it!) in the portrait gallery and puppets.


Praying for: healing for a friend from church who had a serious accident and for his wife as she ministers alone to four small children and a hurting husband; for Jerusha; for Mandy; for peace in Burma and Syria; for famine in Africa; for Becky and Jen and Justine; for Mandy.  For peace in our home.  That God would tame my tongue.


2 thoughts on “Daybook: Early May

  1. Clotted veins… really?
    Also – I love how the red tea pot echoes the lovely red apple painting above the stove. This is what I would write on your “house showing” email response form.

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