The Black Bus

Do your children have a gabillion stuffed animals?  Mine do.  And they love them.  Our animals have personalities, feuds (the dragons really resent the giant anteater for reasons that are unclear to me) and preferences.  They travel with us, vying jealously for the few available spots in backpacks.

Have you ever walked into a house for a showing and come across this?

this is not our house:

Yeah, me too.  Very appealing, huh?

So when we knew we would be having house showings (please, Lord, let us have house showings), we knew that the stuffed animals needed to take a little trip.

I let each child keep 2 stuffed animals out, and the rest won tickets to see the world on the Black Bus!  (Actually, it’s three black buses that resemble large lawn bags.)  Hooray!  The Black Bus is spending the next few weeks in the basement going on all sorts of great adventures around the world.  On Day 1, we got a postcard from them talking about how comfortable the Black Bus is.  On Day 2, they left us a phone message about seeing the Eiffel Tower.  Life is great on the Black Bus.

Two of the children each found one stowaway but we have sent them off to catch up to the Black Bus.  Next, they are hoping to visit some friends in Thailand.  I’ll let you know what we hear.

4 thoughts on “The Black Bus

  1. Ok, that picture is truly horrifying. I think it’s the surplus of Muppets. It looks like PBS tried to hide E.T. on that kid’s bed.

    Do you think all three black buses will make back into your new house? I mean, maybe one of them will love one of the vacation spots so much that they will decide to stay! Maybe the children they meet there will adopt them!


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