Spring Cleaning

Don’t get any funny ideas that this post is going to give you any tips on spring cleaning.  I am a half-hearted cleaner at best, and I certainly don’t have any  secrets to make cleaning any easier.  Except that telling you what I have done helps eliminate the feeling that it’s being done in a vacuum and no one will ever notice.  You may not have been to my house, but you can tell house much cleaner it is, right?  I thought so.

This post is a little spring cleaning Ebenezer: thus far have we come.  And if I don’t get any further, then at least we got this far.

  • We washed the outsides of the first floor windows.  They were much cleaner until it snowed.  Four more times.  (Five if you count today.)


  • I washed the floors.
  • I washed and hemmed the kitchen curtains.  The last time they were washed?  Um, maybe never.
  • I made a quilt for the porch.  (Does that count?)
  • The boys swept out the garage.
  • I dug 10,243 dandelions out of the ground (with roots).  And then two days later, a whole new crop popped up, and we dug those out, too.
  • We spackled holes that have been gaping open in the school room, the study, the upstairs hallway, SweetP’s room, our room, and M’s room.
  • We emptied the old strawberry bed (full of dead plants) and filled it with the happy baby plants that were populating the rocks around the bed.
  • We left 14 bags of leaves, sticks (all of which I had been “saving” to compost for the past three years) and garden trash for the garbage men.  Thank you, garbage men, for taking it all.
  • Sam touched up the living room paint.  Then a child who shall remain nameless rocked the rocking chair into the wall and scraped it off again.
  • Sam touched up the front porch paint.
  • Sam touched up the paint in the children’s room.
  • Sam repainted the front door.
  • I replaced the broken doorknob.
  • The kids emptied the front flower boxes, and I have repainted them and filled them with flowers that haven’t died yet.  (They carded me when I bought the spray paint! very exciting.)



  • I cleaned off the garden shelves in the garage.  (On the bottom were the hand weights I hadn’t been able to find for the last six years.)


  • I washed out the window tracks.
  • I fixed the kitchen faucet.  (That was a post in itself.)
  • I vacuumed the vents and dusted a ceiling fan. (Four more to go.)

Are you spring cleaning?  Please leave a comment to inspire me.  And remember that talking about spring cleaning makes it less like a tree falling in a forest.


I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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