Daybook, mid-April 2013

Out my window: a storm is coming.  But since we cleaned the windows (yes, that makes the storm my fault) I can see it really well.  Two weeks ago, right after we  washed the windows, we had a very cold snap, complete with 16 degree days and 10 degree nights, and all my roses bushes that had been showing new leaves froze.  But I’m going to pretend it’s spring anyway and fill this post with pictures of flowers from my garden over the past few years.  It’s coming, really.  I believe.
First: dead broccoli.


Next: tulips that will be up soon if I have to open them myself.


In the kitchen: oatmeal bread.  Yum.  I should maybe find something to go with that.  Maybe some winter (non-local) fruit salad?  (This one is from last week.)


Around the house: Spring Cleaning.  We started with the windows.  This weekend Sam started to touch up the paint.  I scrubbed old sticky stuff off the kitchen cabinets.  The children are cleaning out the basement and finding toys to give away.

Our plum tree in full bloom last spring:


What I’m hearing: Pandora.

On my mind: lots of planning questions.  How are we going to do 8th grade option for J?  How on earth am I going to survive taking 4 children to the DMV to get him a photo ID so he can take the state community college placement exam?  Should I switch my work day?  How can I get our whole family back into service?  (It’s been 2 years since we stopped cleaning the food pantry, and we haven’t found another ministry that is willing to take us all.)

I feel led to coordinate a class on death and dying for our church.  We have some really wise people with experience in this area and a lot to offer.  But it’s also a hot-button topic for a lot of people.  Anyway, I’m mulling it through.  Also, we need more nursery availability during church, and I’m not sure how best to provide that.

And (this one is so cool!) one of the youth at our church approached me yesterday to ask if I would help him coordinate a 30-hour Famine for the youth.  I had been on World Vision’s site recently and thought I wanted to do that exact thing, but it seemed a little weird for me to impose a fast on the youth.  So I didn’t mention it to anyone.  And then Mikey came and asked me if I would help him.

Bleeding heart:


Praying for: Lala’s family: for comfort and safety.  My friend Jerusha.  Mandy.  Transition in Burma.  Bravery.  Our church’s youth.

What I’m reading: John Fanestil’s Mrs. Hunter’s Happy DeathMissee Lee (#6 in the Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons series).  Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer.

Grateful for: Sam. Renee.  A wonderful Friday with my friend Ruth.  Mercy.

Here are the boys playing a game with Ruth’s sons:

I hope you are counting your blessings today and seeing signs of spring!


5 thoughts on “Daybook, mid-April 2013

  1. Thanks for the prayers, friend. And…you would be surprised by how excited I have seen youth get about the 30 hour famine. There is something about the “hardness” of it (combined with the fun of all being together) that sparks real passion.

  2. Sometimes it helps to have a ready made outline – I was looking for the Adult Sunday school book a Trinity prof wrote a few years ago with the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, but this looks good

    You probably don’t need it, but I wanted to ‘help’ a little.

    I think Jerusha is right – kids want to try hard things and measure themselves up.

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