Pretty: tulip.


Happy: A field trip to the zoo with friends.


Funny: My grocery store stopped carrying my favorite brand of tea. I found it on amazon and ordered two boxes (480 tea bags) so I could have free shipping. It turned out to be a lot of tea. (The five year-old in the photo is purely for scale.)


Real: this is what school regularly looks like around here.  It all gets cleaned up at the end of the day, but I confess to regular mid-afternoon panic at the chaos.

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round button chicken


5 thoughts on “{phfr}

  1. I’m getting a lot of gf stuff through Amazon now – once a month K has a box to climb in. That means when her room is to full of card board, I can ease the throwing out for her by saying truthfully, “Another box is coming next month.”

  2. What a gorgeous tulip!!! They are my favorites. That is alot of tea. What kind is your favorite. I love peppermint myself 🙂 Looks like a fun time at the zoo. I wish I could say that my chaos is always cleaned by the end of the day 😉

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