Daybook, Early April 2013


I love the name Bright Week.  The light of the Resurrection is so bright we cannot stop singing about it.  A word on the origin of the name:

According to the 66th canon of the Council in Trullo:

“from the holy day of the Resurrection of Christ our God until New Sunday… for a whole week the faithful in the holy churches should continually be repeating psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, rejoicing and celebrating Christ, and attending to the reading of the Divine Scriptures and delighting in the Holy Mysteries. For in this way shall we be exalted with Christ; raised up together with Him. For this reason on the aforesaid days that by no means there be any horse races or any other public spectacle.”

I promise I haven’t been participating in any horse races or any other public spectacle this week.

Out my window:  we are on the cusp of much blooming, but so far it’s only crocuses.


In the kitchen: I’m trying to get my April menu and two-week shopping done.  We came back from vacation last Saturday, and despite Sam’s herculean efforts (cleaning out the fridge, loads and loads of laundry, and scrubbing the gunk out of the cupboard under the sink) I am still behind.


In the schoolroom: We are working on science reports this week.  I wasn’t quite up to a science fair this year… or even complicated experiments.  But each child picked a topic (fossilization, water, and vision– I’ll leave you to speculate as to who picked which) and had to come up with 20 questions they wanted to answer.  Then they reserved books from the library to use for their research.  Oh, and reading, writing and arithmetic.  My books on Napoleon, the French Revolution, and Eli Whitney are in, so we’ll be starting those too.


On my bookshelf: I am still slowing working my way through Give Them Grace and The Explicit Gospel.  I’m totally stalled on Bonhoeffer, though I do want to get back to it (but find myself wanting two-hour chunks to read it, and that’s not going to happen any time soon.)  And I just finished another Georgette Heyer, Arabella.  I loved this one– she had me laughing the whole way through.


In the garden: clearing out the old to make way for the new.  And I’m hoping to get peas and spinach in this weekend (though I know I’m late on the peas.)

Praying for: Mandy.  My back.  Pope Francis.  Refugees everywhere.


Grateful for: godparents.  Spring.  Robins.  Sunshine. Bike rides. SweetP’s love of playing, anytime, anywhere.  Dinner swap.


I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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