Asking for Help

Sometimes I have a hard time asking for help.  Okay, maybe not just sometimes.  Recently I’ve needed more help with teaching high school math, and while I’ve accessed some cool online resources (i.e., Khan Academy and Math Why U) I recently had to find an actual mathematician.

But God is so good.  My friend’s nephew just happened to move to town to teach math at the university, and he was happy to help.  (See, this is why I should ask more often.)

We were stuck on trigonometry, specifically cords and segments within circles.  My vision was to give him the chapter and have him sit down for a few hours with J to go over the problems.  He went over the problems and was able to help me see that J actually does understand the material.  So rather than going over it all again, we talked about a plan for where to go next after Trig.

Obviously, I am glad to know J understands the math, but I was actually looking forward to his working with a different teacher.  At some point, we all have to figure out how to understand someone else’s expectations and how to meet them.  This is a life skill my kids haven’t had  much chance to learn.  (Piano lessons, yes.  Once a week homeschool “school”, yes.  Volleyball practice, yes.)  But higher stakes, to prepare them for jobs with difficult bosses? Not so much.  Of course, I am a difficult boss, but my children haven’t had much to compare me to, so they don’t know that yet.

Where do you look for extra help?  How are you preparing your children for working for a difficult boss?


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