He Is Risen!



Does your church home celebrate the Resurrection with bells and loud Alleluias?  These are two of our favorite parts of Easter, and this year both felt a long time coming.


But Easter is here, and we are grateful.


I love how the cans of food for the food pantry were tucked in here amongst the flowers offered.


I’m still waiting on my tulips to bloom, but I’m hoping to have time to get out this week and clear out last fall’s dead stems.  I did something (again!) to my back, though, so it’s going to have to wait until I can bend over.  Today I’m happy to be walking.

While the adults were sitting around eating yesterday, the girls were taking hundreds of photos of SweetP on my phone.  Most of them are blurry, but here you can see the dress she’s been waiting 9 months– well, ever since M finally admitted it was too small for her– to wear (thanks, Grandma Judy!)

I have quite a backlog of photos to share, so forgive me if the next few posts are rather photo-heavy. I have someone’s 10th birthday, a whirlwind trip to see a friend, some skiing, and a bunch of random photos to show you. Oh, and some school and liturgical-year ideas to share as well.

It’s good to be back. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “He Is Risen!

  1. Yea!! Your blog is back. What a treat for all of us. Love the dress on P. Grandma Judy knows what she’s doing. Can’t wait to see all the pics. Xoxo


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